Learn About Amexem



The Amexem Roots Rock Reggae Cultural Society of Vancouver, B.C. is a non- profit organization that is comprised of a group of experienced live music event producers, audio & video technicians, event organizers, volunteers and commercial media professionals (radio). With a Board of Directors whose main goal is to present, nurture, and catapult the artistic careers of Greater Vancouver Reggae musicians and performers. Its vision is based on collaborating with community organizations, cultural nonprofits, dance groups or collectives, and businesses. Ultimately, building bridges between cultures through music.


1. To present, highlight & nurture the talents and careers of Vancouver Roots Rock Reggae musicians and performers, along with related genres- Dancehall Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady, Afro-Beat, Afro-Latin, Hip-Hop, Funk, Neo- Soul/R&B and more – in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and throughout all of the Western Hemisphere, otherwise known as Amexem.

2. To provide opportunities for Vancouver performers at various stages of career development by presenting their work alongside recognized & well- establish international and Canadian artists.

3. To promote intercultural dialogue, education, youth empowerment, and understanding between communities about Vancouver's Roots Rock Reggae music scene through a variety of methods including but not limited to the presentation of festivals, cultural musical presentations, cultural dance performances, dub poetry showcases, cultural celebrations, literature functions, and media events.

4. To work with First Nation organizations, cultural groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and governments throughout the Vancouver region and across Canada in order to entrench Vancouver's Roots Rock Reggae music artists into local and national culture.